• Provides your HRPP with credibility and national recognition that you meet the highest standards in human research subjects protection.
  • Offers an independent assessment of your HRPP that validates regulatory compliance and identifies opportunities for improvement.
  • Enhances recruitment by providing your research participants with confidence that their welfare and rights are being protected.
  • Affords sponsors and granting agencies confidence in the compliance and integrity of your HRPP, enhancing your organizations ability to compete for grants and contracts.
  • Signals credibility of your IRB and research program to other organizations which promotes collaborative research and coordination with, or reliance on, your IRB.
  • Provides regulatory agencies with confidence in the compliance and integrity of your HRPP.
  • Improves preparedness for external regulatory or sponsor audits, reducing the prospect of OHRP compliance letters or FDA warning letters.
  • Benefits your research program and researchers by maximizing the appropriate use of the flexibility in the regulations.
  • Encourages continuous quality improvement within your HRPP.
  • Facilitates continuous education of IRB staff, IRB members, investigators, and their research staff to expand knowledge of regulations and policies and procedures.
  • Attracts high quality and knowledgeable employees to your HRPP and IRB.
  • Strengthens and supports the research enterprise at your organization.

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