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Alion Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Accrediation signals to the research community your organization's desire to exhbit excellence, integrity, and leadership in the field.  What follows is a list of reasons commonly cited for pursuing accrediation.

  • Recognition

Demonstrates your HRPP meets and exceeds universal and rigorous standards 

  • Confidence

Comfort of independent assessment

  • Preparedness

Proactively addresses issues commonly found in audits

Reduces prospect of FDA audits and warning letters or OHRP compliance letters

  • Sponsorship

Signals to sponsors and granting agencies high standards of performance and confidence in the compliance and integrity of your HRPP

Makes your organization competitive for grants

Increases your organization’s access to clinical trials

  • Collaboration

Facilitates collaboration across institutions

Expands access to multi-site research

Signals confidence in IRB reliance agreements

  • Publication

Bolsters rate of acceptance with prestigious journals

  • Recruitment

Enhances recruitment of research participants by demonstrating your concern for protection 

Attracts qualified personnel and knowledgeable employees

Provides research participants with confidence their welfare and rights are being protected

  • Improvement

Encourages continuous cycle of education and improvement for research oversight practices




Featured Articles

October 16, 2013

Alion Awards HRPP Accreditation to University of Nebraska Medical Center

Panel of Experts Acknowledge Academic and Research Institute for its Dedication to Protection of Human Research Subjects

July 10, 2013

Alion Launches HRPP Accreditation Program

Technology Solutions Company to Help Government, Commercial and Non-Profit Organizations Achieve and Maintain Regulatory Standards to Protect Research Participants

May 20, 2013

2013 Determination Letters

OHRP has implemented a practice to redact from compliance oversight determination letters posted on its website any sections that discuss unresolved concerns, questions, or allegations related to an ongoing investigation.


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