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shutterstock_83500891Research is the backbone of academia.  Professors who conduct research can not only teach based on their expertise in their field, but contribute to it through scientific advancement.  Because research is so basic to academia, universities usually have the broadest HRPPs, and thus many people, at different levels, must be knowledgeable about human research protection as well as carry out regulations and policies in practice.  Alion accreditation fosters education and excellence in practice, but also helps to promote strong and respectful working relationships between the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and faculty.  No university or college wants to risk their reputation on a weak HRPP and become a case study for the IRB and research ethics training programs.

Universities often review and conduct both biomedical research and social science research, although many universities exclusively review and conduct social science research.  The Alion HRPP Accreditation Program is highly cognizant of those differences and tailors the accreditation requirements to the type of university or college being accredited and the type of research being reviewed or performed.  Alion HRPP accreditation can be very beneficial to social scientists because it enhances the knowledge and confidence of the IRB to use the flexibility inherent in the regulations.

Alion HRPP accreditation signals to sponsors and granting agencies that your institution is compliant with all human subjects’ regulations and meets the highest standards of human research protections – this helps procure funding, as well as opens up new funding opportunities.  In addition, accreditation promotes collaboration among institutions and IRBs and thus can stimulate and benefit multi-site research and collaborative research opportunities. 

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