Private Research Sites

shutterstock_117731875Private research sites usually do not have their own Institutional Review Board (IRB), but nonetheless conduct numerous clinical trials and enroll many research participants.  Since research is your organization's focal point, research integrity is vital. 

Accreditation ensures that your policies and procedures are complete, that your staff and investigators are knowledgeable, and that your practice of conducting clinical trials is optimal.

Having Alion's HRPP Accreditaiton tells sponsors and CROs that your private research site is compliant with the regulations and meets the highest standards of human research protection.  This can be very helpful in attracting new clinical trials to your site, as most sponsors are preferentially or exclusively working with accredited organizations. 

In addition, accreditation benefits recruiting of new prospective participants, and assures them that their rights and welfare will be protected.

The Alion HRPP Accreditation Program will assist your private research site to get accredited and increase your competitiveness in the clinical trials arena.

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