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shutterstock_63112753A vibrant research program is a key component of excellent clinical care and promotes the reputation of your organization as one being on the forefront of medical science, which patients want to see.  But, your reputation is also built on integrity, including the integrity of your human subject protection program.  A reputation is a fragile thing, hard to build up but easy to lose, and no one wants to be a case study for the Institutational Review Board (IRB) or research ethics training programs.

Accreditation promotes integrity in your program by publicly affirming to potential research participants, sponsors, and other organizations that your institution is compliant with all human subjects’ regulations and meets the highest standards of human research protections. 

Accreditation is not just for large hospitals and medical centers.  Smaller hospitals and community hospitals, including those that just conduct a small number of research studies can also benefit from accreditation.  In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been targeting smaller institutions for IRB and investigator audits, as evidenced by published warning letters. 

Accreditation can promote access to more clinical trials, as most sponsors are preferentially or exclusively working with accredited organizations.  An accredited HRPP signals to patients that not only will they have access to the latest in medical research advances, but they can also be confident that their rights and welfare will be protected.  The Alion HRPP Accreditation Program will assist your hospital or medical center, regardless of size, to get accredited and join the ranks of HRPP excellence and integrity.

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