Department of Defense Agencies

Human use research is central to the development of improved war fighting systems. Each Department of Defense (DoD) component reviews and conducts cutting edge operational research as well as sophisticated biomedical research tailored to the singular health needs of our troops and veterans. DoD HRPPs are often challenged with one-of-a-kind research projects which enroll a vulnerable population, our dedicated, respectful and willing uniformed military.  Missteps in this delicate ethical balancing act may result in injury, loss of trust by the research volunteers, unwanted publicity, and loss of funding. 

Alion staff is well aware of these unique pitfalls and are experienced working with DoD components and the application of their additional requirements beyond the Common Rule. Alion accreditation provides an external confidential collegial review that is objective and independent of any military chain of command.

Alion accreditation signals to research subjects, taxpayers, and government officials that research carried out under DoD auspices is of the highest integrity, compliance with human subjects’ regulations, and meets the highest standards of human research protection.

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