The accreditation cycle can commence when the accreditation-seeking organization has submitted a complete application, signed contract, and the 1st year payment.  On average, the accreditation application cycle will take a year to complete from application review to council decision.  That timeframe is approximate and dependent on timely communication exchange by both parties.  The accreditation process boils down to three discrete phases:

1.)    Application Review – Your organization’s HRPP policies and procedures are mapped to Alion’s HRPP Accreditation Standards and Requirements and evaluated for compliance. 

2.)    Site Inspection – Once your application is reviewed for completeness and your organization is able to demonstrate that it satisfies the Alion HRPP Accreditation Standards at the policy level, a site inspection is scheduled.  An Alion HRPP Accreditation Director will complete an approximate 2-day physical site inspection that focuses on a review of practices, interviews with HRPP team members, and attendance at an IRB meeting.

3.)    Site Visit Report and Submission to Council – Following the conclusion of the site inspection, the Alion HRPP Accreditation Director will complete a draft site visit report that will be offered to your organization for comment.  The report will be submitted to the Alion HRPP Council on Accreditation for review during their next session and a decision will be made regarding the organization’s accreditation standing.

For a more detailed overview of this process please Contact Us.

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