Who Should Apply for Accreditation

Any organization that conducts, manages, or reviews research involving human participants is eligible to apply for accreditation. It is highly advisable that any organization with a Federal Wide Assurance or with an Institutional Review Board registered with the Office of Human Research Protections become accredited to help ensure that the organization follows all of the required regulations and appropriately protects human subjects in research at their organization. Accreditation provides a professional and independent assessment of your program.

Organizations who have previously been accredited by another accrediting body are also eligible to become accredited by Alion. Alion’s fee structure is such that there is no additional cost to become accredited by Alion. In fact, organizations may realize a substantial savings with Alion’s accreditation. Also the Alion HRPP Accreditation process is designed to allow for a smooth and simple transition to the Alion standards.

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