Fees and Schedules

Alion has adopted a straightforward pricing model for HRPP accreditation.  Alion HRPP accreditation clients are asked to commit to a five year agreement where they pay a flat annual fee.  This payment structure is attractive to customers for budgeting/planning purposes as the price is the same fixed amount for the life of the contract.  Thus the pricing model does not distinguish between years one and five.

Published pricing does not reflect cost to accredit a research network with geographically dispersed sites or IRBs.

 Alion does NOT require an application fee, eliminating a substantial barrier to entry for organizations seeking initial accreditation.

 Alion's 2014 published pricing list for accreditation services can be observed in the table below

Program Size # of  Active Protocols 2014 Annual Price*
Tier 1 1-100 $5,000
Tier 2 101-500 $6,500
Tier 3 501-1000 $8,000
Tier 4 1001-2000 $10,000
Tier 5 2001-4000 $13,500
Tier 6 4001 + $20,000

* This pricing is for customers that enter into contract during the 2014 year.

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