Alion HRPP Accreditation Webinar for Consultants

Alion recognizes the important role that consultants play in encouraging and assisting clients to seek HRPP accreditation.  Toward this end, Alion HRPP Accreditation Services offers each consultant or consultant group a free 90 minute webinar that provides details on Alion’s philosophy, Standards and processes, as well as information on communication between Alion staff and consultants.  The webinar will be conducted by Peter Vasilenko, PhD and Michael Pagliaro, RN, Alion’s knowledgeable and experienced Accreditation Directors.

The webinar includes the following topics:

  • Introduction to Alion HRPP Accreditation Services Staff
  • Alion’s Business Philosophy concerning HRPP Accreditation Services
  • The Alion HRPP Accreditation Process
  • The Alion HRPP Accreditation Standards
  • Client interaction with Alion staff
  • Consultant interaction with Alion staff

Alion’s goal is to provide consultants with detailed information about the Alion HRPP Accreditation Process and to answer any questions so that consultants will be better able to serve their clients, and thus Alion clients.  The webinar also develops a working relationship between the consultants and Alion Staff for future client related questions and activities.

When the webinar is completed your name or consultant group and contact information will be added to the list of consultants who have completed theQuick Start Alion HRPP Accreditation Webinar for Consultants.  You will also be provided with the Alion shield logo to be placed on your website again indicating that you or your group has completed the Quick Start Alion HRPP Accreditation Webinar for Consultants and is knowledgeable and prepared to help clients obtain Alion HRPP Accreditation.

To schedule a webinar for an individual consultant or a consultant group, please Contact Us.  We look forward to working with you!

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